“Like animals at the zoo”

First Avenue / Broad Street

We love sitting in the window and watching people. We don’t know why they aren’t at home with their family like we are.  They must have no one who loves them. Dad says they look at us because we are in the window like animals at the zoo. But he has it wrong. We are looking at them. They’re eating, walking in tall uncomfortable shoes, their hair is pink or their head is shaved. Chains in their nose, their ears, their pockets. My brother thinks they aren’t real. They’re like people in his iPad. Mom says Seattle brings all kinds, including us. Sometimes they come into our house and eat. We watch them struggle with chopsticks and the chains in their nose. It’s funny. We don’t understand why they aren’t home with their family using forks.


Countdown to Addis Ababa T-4 hours

Our itinerary goes something like this: Friday: LA by taxi (at 1p.m.)  to LAX by 787 (5 p.m.) to Healthrow where we arrive at noon. Hang out for several hours at leave on Ethiopia Air at 8 p.m. and get in to Addis at 7 a.m. on Sunday.  Opted not to take any jewelry and no laptop (Thank you sandy lam for that advice) Sticking with the Ipad. 

So far, it’s been ad adventure. I sat on the plane with an old Hungarian engineer who invented the co-generation plant. Flight attendant spilled an entire coke on my other seat mate. – A very Russian dude who was PISSED! i thought he was going to cut her head off. She was shaking and admitted she was a klutz (WRONG THIS TO SAY!) anyway. He got a free flight out of it.